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Facts About Coastal Construction

Building on the coast can be challenging, but Moffitt Builders has the experience to choose the right techniques for your particular project. We take concerns over water and wind seriously, employing the best materials and design to fend off the elements.

Doors and Windows

Contrary to what most people believe, the key to a house surviving a storm is keeping the wind out—not letting it flow through the house. We use windows and doors rated to survive the impact of an object moving at 180 miles per hour, with stronger, thicker frames, and specially designed glass.

Foundation and Framing

We tie every house to the foundation, and tie the walls together with rods to prevent the roof or walls from structural failure in a storm.

What about local insects?

The coast is no stranger to bugs and pests of all types. Proper maintenance and materials, however, will prevent problems in these areas. Ask us about local methods and exterminators.