“Randy Moffitt is certainly a man that cares about his work. I am a General Contractor and have held an unlimited license in the state of North Carolina for over 40 years. With this kind of experience, I know great workmanship when I see it. My wife and I looked at several beach homes, and knew that we wanted the house that Randy built once we saw it. I am a perfectionist and I have high expectations when it comes to seeing quality work. I was so impressed with Randy’s attention to detail, and the superior craftsmanship found in his work is second to none. I would highly recommend Randy for any type of job. He is a gifted builder and passionate about his work.”

Warren E.

“Tom and I just wanted to take a moment to officially say how grateful we are that our paths have crossed and you were able to work with us on our Oak Island renovation. It was clear when we first met, that you were very knowledgeable, honest, had integrity, was not arrogant, had a great eye, was a great listener, paid close attention to detail and followed up!! We loved the way you were able to take our vision and make it a reality. You were so wonderful to interact with and so dedicated to the job.”

Tom & Marcia

“Working with Randy Moffitt for the past eight months as we planned for and built our house on Oak Island has been an absolute pleasure. Randy worked with us every step of the way, helping us develop a design that would work for our family and our budget, locating a piece of property that met our needs and tackling the various obstacles that came up along the way. I was initially skeptical about completing a project like this long distance and was certain we would have to make numerous trips to check on the progress and make sure that the work was going as planned. However, Randy stayed in constant communication with us via e-mail, sending photos as each stage was completed. Bill and I made just two trips during the building process, one of them to confirm placement of outlets and switches and another for a walk-through before the granite countertops were installed and the walls painted.

We are extremely pleased with the final product – the house is everything we had hoped for. Randy’s outstanding workmanship, creativity and attention to detail are evident throughout the house. He was able to do all of this while always keeping in mind our goals, our needs and our budget for the house.

Bill and I are looking forward to many happy years with our family on Oak Island. We will always be grateful to Randy Moffitt for his help in making this dream become a reality for us.”

Barbara and Bill F.

“We were looking for a fair and trustworthy contractor to enclose the carport of our beach house and turn the space into a bedroom, bath and utility closet. Since we live out of town and did not know any contractors in the area, we turned to a reputable subcontractor in the area and asked for his recommendation. He recommended Randy Moffitt of Moffitt Builders saying that when he got ready to build a home, he would use Randy.

We contacted Randy and had a quote within two weeks. Randy got started on our project in a timely manner. He kept us well informed of the project’s status and was excellent to work with. We had to put a lot of faith and trust in Randy and his team of skilled workers since we do not live in the area.

We also asked Randy to make several upgrades to the existing house as well as repair some water damage. Randy provided quotes for the work and stayed within our budget every time. On one occasion the water damage was much less than originally thought and the actual cost was well below the original estimate. We would not have known this and Randy could have easily pocketed an extra $1,000+. However because of his honesty and integrity, he did not take advantage of the situation.

We were very pleased with Randy and the finished project. We have already given his name to several people in the area. If we have any additional projects, Randy Moffitt will be the only contractor that we call.

Randy was a Godsend. He is a man of his word and is easy to get along with. He treated this project as if it were his own home. The quality of work was outstanding and equally as important it was a pleasant experience for us. We feel that not only have we found a great contractor, but we have also found a trusted friend on Oak Island.”

Kenny & Lou Anne E.